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Tamara Schulz, RMT, has been a registered massage therapist since 1997. She is a graduate from the WestCoast College of Massage Therapy in Vancouver, and opened the Westshore Massage Therapy Clinic in 1999.

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Shena Craig, RMT

Shena graduated in 2002 from the 3000 hour program at the Westcoast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria and is the co-owner of the Westshore Massage Therapy Clinic. Her passion for women's health and pre-natal care specifically has led her to advance her training in pre and post-natal massage therapy and exercise instruction, infant massage, and become a DONA trained birth Doula. Shena enjoys supporting women in their journey towards motherhood and helping them experience ease in their bodies and minds throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period.  

Shena customizes her treatments for the unique needs of each client using a variety of modalities including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy, stretching,  and CranioSacral therapy  

Currently Shena continues to pursue training in Craniosacral therapy. Through practical experience she has witnessed the effectiveness of this very gentle form of manual therapy to stimulate the body's own corrective mechanisms and bring deep relaxation. For this reason she is compelled to integrate Craniosacral therapy into her practice and finds joy in each opportunity to facilitate the healing process.

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Emily Broste, RMT

Chelsea Brisco RMT, BFA
Chelsea is a graduate of the Massage Therapy program at OVCMT in Vernon, BC. As a
Registered Massage Therapist, her approach is attentive and sensitive to each client's particular
needs. She has found that for many of us, injury and physical dysfunction result from a lifetime
of habitual postures and movements. Therefore, to create any lasting change treatment needs
to address both the recent symptoms and the underlying structure and functionality that caused
During your appointment the focus will be on restoring balance in the body. Chelsea believes
that treatment need not be painful to be effective and longer lasting results come when
promoting and enhancing the body's natural healing inclination. This often takes the form of a
remarkably subtle approach that will leave you with decreased pain and stress and an
improvement in overall wellbeing. Starting with a thorough assessment, Chelsea will work with
you to design a treatment plan to address both short and long-term goals. Your treatment will be
customized to your needs through a variety of techniques intended to achieve long-term health -
whether that means relief from chronic pain, rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, or assisting
your lifestyle and exercise goals. You will also be provided with relevant self-care in the form of
strengthening, stretching and/or habitual changes to facilitate your road to health. Chelsea
encourages her clients to play an active role in their recovery, believing that the most effective
therapy is a team effort.

Kate Coey, RMT

Since graduating from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2002, Kate has worked in a variety of environments from clinics and spas to marathons and sports events. With every client she integrates these work experiences to provide an effective and individualized treatment plan. Whether your aim is rehabilitation or preventative care, relaxation or deep tissue, Kate can help you achieve your goals

Bills to: ICBC, MSP, VAC, RCMP

Allison  Ward, RMT is a registered massage therapist who is passionate about facilitating the body’s innate healing potential through manual therapy. She received her initial training at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and graduated from the 3000 hour program in 2011.

The main focus of her practice is to address the root cause of postural dysfunction and injury and aims to restore functional alignment and mobility through: deep listening, assessment, treatment and homecare. Treatment modalities include: Myofascial Release, Neuro-muscular release, Osteopathic techniques, Muscle energy techniques, cranio-sacral, visceral manipulation among others. She believes that deep healing can take place with empowering treatments and effective homecare.

In addition to massage therapy, Allison is a trained and practiced Doula, energy medicine practitioner through the four winds and a yoga teacher. She is currently finishing her BHSC through TRU.

When not working Allison enjoys hiking, singing, painting, dancing and gardening.

She is very excited to be a new member of Westshore Massage Therapy and to making Victoria her new home.

Commonly Treated Conditions Include:

TMJD- Intra-oral work

Prenatal and Postnatal

Sciatica, Herniations, piriformis syndrome

Complex Pain, Autoimmune conditions


Nerve entrapment conditions

Frozen shoulder


Plantar Fasciitis

Chelsea Howard, RMT graduated from the WestCoast College of Massage Therapy in 2010.  She enjoys the variety of clientele that she works with including those seeking treatments during pregnancy, for tension headaches, desk job related aches and pains, chronic injuries, and those recovering from a motor vehicle accident.  A special interest is shown for individuals with cervical spine discomfort, TMJ dysfunction and rotator cuff injuries.

Chelsea empowers her clients to be proactive and take charge of their own health and well-being, and believes that preventative massage therapy plays a vital role in maintaing good health. She will address your individual concerns and provide treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Bills to: ICBC, VAC, RCMP
Jessica Baldwin, RMT has been practicing Registered Massage Therapy since 2011. She brings her passion of human anatomy and desire to engage my patients in their own health to each treatment. Having plenty of first-hand experience with injury rehabilitation, she understands the limitations that pain creates and wants to be an active part in my patient’s path to wellness.
Jessica's holistic approach looks beyond where the pain is now to where it’s from and why it’s there in the first place, working to solve the root problem. Techniques regularly used include myofascial release, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy and deep swedish techniques with an emphasis on breath and postural awareness. You can expect to receive specific home care exercises to keep you actively participating in your rehabilitation. Jessica is  enthusiastic about challenging the boundaries of what massage therapy can do and encourage you to ask questions about your healing process.

Cassandra Shkrabuik, RMT graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy after completing her 3000 hour program in December of 2012.

Cassandra's hands on experience has rounded her treatment style to include muscle energy work, Clinical Somatics, fascial release, and deep tissue as needed. She enjoys working through the process of recovery and is always open to working in new ways to reduce her patient’s symptoms. Cassandra has extensive experience working with posture, pregnancy/post partum, sports injuries, TMJ issues, frozen shoulder and S/I joint issues.

She enjoys working in conjunction with other modalities for the best outcome possible and promotes booking same day with other therapy modalities to get the most out of a treatment.

Massage is for all shapes and sizes and there is no issue that should be brushed off as “just age” or “normal for me”. Just like any other personal upkeep, massage can be a pleasant time out from the daily grind while being beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Cassandra works towards balance in all aspects of her daily life, both inside and outside the clinic. She uses this philosophy to fit her after treatment “homework” to her client’s lifestyle. Strength, stretching, awareness exercises, and breathing exercises all have the potential to be adapted into busy schedules. Recovery, maintenance, and prevention do not always need to involve a gym.


Christopher Frary, RMT

Christopher brings a positive attitude, a calming nature, and a focused intention to his treatments. His goal is to facilitate the healing process so that his clients may return to their daily activities and improve their quality of life.

Christopher has learned through treating a wide variety of patients with various conditions and pathologies the importance of tailoring each treatment to the needs of the individual. He has had success working with various pathologies such as tendonitis, low back pain/discomfort, sprains and strains, headaches, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, and hypomobility.  Modalities for treatment may include: Swedish massage, joint mobilization, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, M.E.T. (muscle energy techniques), active stretching, and ligamentous articular strain techniques. In addition he may incorporate some hydrotherapy and strengthening/stretching exercises for home care. The intention of his treatment is to be specific and effective in addressing the primary areas of concern while maintaining a holistic outlook for overall well-being. 

Christopher graduated in 2010 from West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster. He returned in 2012 as a faculty member and has instructed multiple classes with a focus on anatomy lab and board exam prep.  Since his graduation he has also built up 2 successful practices in the Vancouver area. He continues to balance work with an active lifestyle and regularly makes time for biking, soccer and outdoor activities. He looks forward to working with you and facilitating your healing process.

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PH: 250-478-1120 ~ 110-751 Goldstream Avenue ~ Langford, B.C. ~ V9B 2X4