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  • Massage therapy is the most frequently used therapy for musculoskeletal problems, and is especially useful in controlling pain
  • Massage therapy improves the immune systems of people with all sorts of conditions, including HIV
  • 95 per cent of massage therapy patients surveyed said it improved their conditions
  • Nearly 90 per cent of back patients who receive treatments say they feel dramatically better following treatments
  • Premature babies who receive daily massage therapy treatments gain 47 per cent more weight and go home an average of six days sooner
  • Cancer patients who receive massage therapy experience less pain, improved mobility and less swelling
  • Massage therapy reduces the pain and stiffness of people with fibromyalgia



People suffering from tension headaches who receive massage treatments experience significant long-term improvements "Massage is the most frequently used therapy for musculoskeletal problems, and is particularly useful in controlling pain."

QTF on Spinal Disorders. "Scientific Approach in the Assessment and Management of Activity Related Spinal Disorders. A monograph for Clinicians
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"...it is most valuable to know that cervical pain patients can be helped to improve temporarily by simple manual techniques (massage therapy)* as a first step towards complete treatment."
Brodin, H. "Cervical Pain and Mobilization", Journal of Manual Medicine 1985; 2818-22

"multimodel treatment regimen that contained ... manual treatments (massage, mobilization) of the cervical spine" was more effective for the treatment of chronic whiplash pain than the regimen in which "patients who received TENS and Ultrasound treatment only".
Dr. L. Provinciali. Soft Tissue Review, Volume 1, Number 6, page 21, July 1996

"In the early phases of WAD [whiplash associated disorder], short courses of cervical manipulations or mobilization therapies have been shown to be of benefit. These procedures should be conducted by skilled or trained professionals, which may include ... massage therapists or physicians."
Physical Medicine Research Foundation (PMRF) B.C. PMRFBC Whiplash Initiative Comprehensive Syllabus page 77, 1997.



*Techniques applied in this study fall under Scope of Practice for Massage Therapy in B.C.

Information courtesy of the Massage Therapists' Association of BC



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